Form Analysis  

Comprises a choice of either a 10 or 20 character trait analyses. You will usually choose the traits you want from a character list, however, you may also select your own attributes depending on individual requirements.

Service is delivered in a pictorial and written form.

Discounts are offered for bulk analyses.


  Starting from £100
Verbal Analysis  

A much more personal service than the form analysis, where you can obtain direct feedback and ask particular questions about the handwriting.


  From £200
Shortlisting Analysis   A great time saver. This service is used primarily for recruitment and gives you the opportunity to choose the essential characteristics (usually 5) from job applications for comparison and analysis. Let Jacqui sift through your application forms and select only those suitable for interview based on the essential characteristics choosen.   From £10 per application form




Showing how Graphology works and/or how it may be applicable to you particular business needs.






As with talks, Workshops can take on a number of different forms and are an interactive way to learn about graphology and how it can be adapted to your individual needs.These help with interpersonal skills and can improve loyalty, harmony, and productivity within the work place.


  Prices start with Half Day workshops at £1000
Exhibitions   An ideal way to help promote your business at any corporate event. Bring people on to your stand by offering a free analysis of their handwriting.   Starting at £1800


All prices exclude expenses


For Information and prices on all courses offered contact Jacqui Tew.

Private Analysis

Jacqui provides a number of services for the non corporate client. Jacqui would be more than happy to discuss your needs. These range from marriage compatibility to career advice and personal development.

For more information and any enquiries please contact Jacqui Tew Consultancy by email or telephone 01428 723679.