One Day Workshops

Building Relationships

Handwriting analysis can help to build a better understanding, improving communication.

Employee/Client Handling

Understanding how your client works and communicates can help with

  • Creating Winning Teams
  • Managing People
  • Team Building
  • Problem Solving
  • Motivating
  • The Best Way Forward

All workshops and seminars are interactive, informative and enjoyable.

Elementary graphological training with special emphasis given to your particular needs.

These workshops are usually held on site, and are a great way of enhancing business and communication skills.


General Interest

Teach Yourself Course

This course gives sufficient knowledge for each individual to learn :

  • how to observe the handwriting movements
  • to use sufficient supporting evidence to reach accurate interpretations

Included in this course is an A - Z index of personality character traits.

For more details see the Teach Yourself Course descriptions and course extract.


Professional Qualification

For those seeking to study for a professional qualification, there is a three year indepth distance learning course. You will be given your own personal tutor who will comment on your assignments.

For more details see the Correspondence Course details.


For more information on how Jacqui Tew can benefit your business please contact Jacqui Tew Consultancy by email or telephone 01428 723679.