The Graphology Correspondence Course is an indepth study of handwriting analysis which provides the knowledge to take and pass professional qualifications - perhaps leading to a new career. This course can be started at any time of year.

It is aimed at those who find it helpful to have the comments from a tutor and want an indepth understanding of people's characters - how and what makes each of us tick.

Part One

The first part of the Correspondence course:

Recognition of the basic handwriting movements with their interpretations
Assessment of the speed and standard of the handwriting
Recognition of the dominant, secondary and miscellaneous movements of the handwriting

Based on the above, advice on how to put together a report of about 600 words

Part Two

Students will be given the knowledge to write an in depth report of about 1500 words showing the complementary, conflicting and compensatory aspects of the character. They will also be shown how to observe and interpret the handwriting using the basic methodology of the following psychologists:


Part Three

In the third year students are shown how graphology is used in the following specialisations :

Partnerships / Human Relationships
Vocational Appraisal at all stages of life
Human Development


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