Jacqui provides a wide range of services from one to one consultancy, to public speaking and teaching. Her work has covered many business sectors, a large part of which has included the the media (see a partial Client list here).

As a consultant, Jacqui provides a service which is very much adaptable to you and your company's needs. This can include group consultancy or one to one sessions, and be delivered on-site or remotely.

Outlined below are some of the main areas in which handwriting analysis can be used within your business :


Handwriting analysis is able to reveal strengths and weaknesses that may not show up in an interview. Whilst one individual's capabilities may be masked by interview nerves, another candidate, who could be less suitable, may interview very well.

Short listing

Save time, money and effort by choosing personality traits that are fundamental for the candidate to possess in order to be able to do the job on offer. Graphologists can swiftly pick out only those candidates who possess the essential requirements.

Fitting into the Team

If more than one candidate appears suitable for the post, handwriting analysis can reveal the individual who will fit in best with the team.

Composing a Team

Sometimes recruiting new employees is unviable. In these circumstances, it may be beneficial to reassess existing staff and change their assignments. There is the added bonus that while training will need to take place, it will be quicker and more economical than hiring brand new personnel, thus allowing efficiency and production to rise swiftly. Another advantage will be that staff are trained in more than one field.

Handwriting analysis can highlight strengths and weaknesses and pinpoint the best person for each new role.


Handwriting analysis will help in determining promotional prospects, thus saving the embarrassment and inevitable problems caused when someone is promoted beyond their capabilities.


Graphology can be useful in determining an employee's goals, and thus in helping to find the right position in the organisation for mutual benefit.


Handwriting analysis can help to determine people's stress levels and how they cope with various situations.


Changing behaviour patterns and attitudes occur over a period of time. When one sees the same people daily, the differences may not be apparent. Handwriting analysis is particularly useful in monitoring individuals as it can chart progress or decline. It can also track changing habits of a serious nature, eg stemming from alcohol abuse.

Problem Solving

Graphology can be used when problems occur (communication, ethics, disputes etc.). It also introduces the advantage of impartial intervention. This is helpful when a client has problems and needs an objective discussion without fear of the outcome going around the company grapevine.


Graphology can be practical when redundancy is inevitable. It can detect new directions in which the employee could channel their energies.

For more information and any enquiries please contact Jacqui Tew Consultancy by email jacquitew@clara.co.uk or telephone 01428 723679.